Remembering A Super Hero

I had the pleasure of being the nurse for a young man through multiple hospital admissions. He was a beautiful soul. An artist with autism. He viewed the world in his own way. I was so inspired by him.

He took serious personal joy in some very simple things we may take for granted. He loved chocolate chips, the feel, texture, the smell, the sound of them shaking in the bowl. I love seashells like that. Seeing the flash of color on the beach, feeling the ridges on the back of a shell, looking at the shimmer of the mother of pearl interior.

My Super Hero was an artist. His drawings were incredible in their feelings & honesty and expression of the way he saw life & things that mattered to him. The art he created was a window into his soul. I loved seeing what he was thinking & feeling while watching him create. I loved the focus & concentration he had while drawing. His art is treasure for those who love him.

The autism made touch a difficult thing for him at times. Sensitivity to touch made the medical things he had to endure a challenge. Control & options for him to choose between were so important to him. I respected that. He reminded me that we all deserve a measure of control & choice in our lives. I found it simple to just ask…. “now or in 5 minutes? This arm or the other?” It took 5 minutes longer multiple times in some busy days. However, it made a world of difference to my Super Hero friend.

The choice on my part to listen closely & enter my Super Hero’s way of viewing the world earned his trust. Trust is a fragile thing worth cherishing The day he took my hand & gave me a hug is one I will always remember. It’s an amazing victory in my position as a nurse who must do painful things to be trusted by my patients. It’s an amazing victory to be the kind of woman who deserves that trust. I cherish the trust given to me by others.

Super Heroes change the world, right? This young man was without a doubt a super hero himself. He bravely worked to overcome physical illness time & time again. He always stayed true to who he was & how he wanted to see the world. My Super Hero friend taught me….. Live your life your own way, cherish your joy, and grab that gift of trust by the hand, then hold it close. Cherish it always.

Not So Quiet Streets

January 4, 2018

While driving yesterday morning, I was focusing on how much I actually enjoy my commute to work. Rush hour is not so bad, you know. All my favorite music & as loud as I want. Warren says he can hear my car coming home by the sound of the music before I turn the corner of our street. I don’t think he really can but he sure makes me laugh when he says that! I love choosing my country music based on the mood of the day. Sometimes loving my mix on the iPod, sometimes single artist day. I suppose it’s a silly thing to be thankful for, but music is so personal & such a wonderful way to release emotion. It’s always been there, comforting me when I was sad & celebrating my best times. Music runs through all I do really. It’s there in the background & is a carrier of so many of my memories as well as my hopes for the future. Carried Away…… great song, great emotion, and a really amazing love.  IMG_8295 (2) (2)

Nurse Talk

January 2, 2018

Ashely came over on her way home from work. I really love nurse talk. We have so much more in common than I had hoped when she was a teen. Our talks about work are so important. It reinforces my love of the PICU. We share an understanding of what it means emotionally as well as the skills we continue to develop caring for our patients. It reminds me how proud of her I am. I remember all the nights driving home from work talking to my Mom on the phone about work & life & my family. I imagine she must have felt some of the same things I do now talking with the girls about their work. Psychology talk & Nurse talk! I was so blessed to have my Mom. I am so blessed to have Angela & Ashley. They are amazing women. Choosing to spend your life in the fields we have chosen is not easy. Fulfilling & amazing but heartbreaking at times. Angela has more bravery in her soul than she knows. I don’t know how she works in the prison, trying to help the prisoners every day. Incredible.

My Journey of Joy

January 1, 2018

Every day there is something good to remember. Something that can be a starting point for smiling & gratitude. Today is the day I will start paying closer attention to these moments. I will begin building a bigger joy in my heart as Warren & I continue to create the greatest life  & love I have known.

Today is a great day to think about the simple joy of making my husband smile. So easy. It’s football bowl games day. My Bama Fan and my Family of Dawgs Fans. All it took is wearing his Alabama T-shirt. It’s a great day to be home together.